Ponder Eternity, Eternally

Collectively Considering with Scripture as our Rubric

February Meeting January 30, 2009

From 9-11 a.m., Saturday, February 7th At Nanette’s Home

Because we’d like to ‘grow’ this group we’re holding our next session on Saturday morning, hoping you can come & plant with us! We’ll enjoy sunshine and dirt as friends and Relief Society Sisters and return home with a potted plant for the porch or windowsill. We’ll also have a demonstration on soil amendments and some tips on how to have a successful potted plant in our desert heat. Dirt & amendments provided. You bring a baby plant and a pot. (pot should be as big as you hope your plant to grow to be)

At this meeting we’ll:
have a potting demonstration,
prepare soil for your pot (bring gardening gloves if you like),
pot your choice of plant (bring your own baby plant & your own pot),
discuss watering techniques and tips,
discuss fertilization.

Additionally, if you have a plant that needs to be divided or extra seeds or
seedlings, bring them with you to share with your Relief Society Sisters.


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