Ponder Eternity, Eternally

Collectively Considering with Scripture as our Rubric

# 4 Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord January 31, 2007

February 4, 2007

Matt. 34; John 1:35-51 Be sure to read the JST of these verses in footnotes & appendix.

See Student Guide.

In addition, we may discuss these questions in class:

  1. (Matt. 3:1-4) Visualize John. What is the point of this imagery?  Compare Elijah & Zech. 13:4.
  2. How does John’s message compare with Jesus’ message?  (x 4:17) How do they compare with the message of our modern prophet?
  3. (Matt. 3:7)  What does John accuse the Pharisees & Sadducees of?
  4. (Matt. 3:9)  See JST 3:34-36.   What is their excuse?
  5. (Matt. 3:11) Why does it say Holy Ghost AND with fire.  Are they one & the same?  How are they different? Is the fire in vs. 11 related to the fire in vs. 12?  X Mal. 4:1.
  6. (Matt 3:16) Why the dove?  X Genesis 8:8-12.  What is the imagery/symbolism here? 
  7. (Matt. 4:1, 17) Visualize Jesus.  What is the point of this imagery?  How does he & his message parallel and contrast with John?
  8. (Matt. 4:1-11) How would you categorize these 3 temptations?  Was Christ REALLY tempted?  Could Satan really “deliver?”  How does the JST change the message of vs. 11? 
  9. What applications do you see in these chapters to your own life?

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