Ponder Eternity, Eternally

Collectively Considering with Scripture as our Rubric

New Testament January 31, 2007

This is an opportunity for you to consider the scriptures in a group context.  As a Gospel Doctrine Sunday School teacher in a Las Vegas congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the “Mormons”, the New Testament is my focus for 2007 with 2008 focusing on the Book of Mormon.  

Prior to my Sunday lessons, I’ll post questions here that I’ll be asking the class to consider.  By visiting this site before class, you’ll have some time to study and ponder before we meet to discuss these ideas together.  You can post your thoughts here, or save them to share aloud. 

I encourage you to study your scriptures deeply and not just for Sunday School discussion.  Study for personal education, edification and direction.  Prayer and the Holy Spirit are your best tools for unlocking the scriptures to your mind.  In addition, as you already know, there’s wonderful commentary available to augment your study of the gospel, if you have time and inclination.  Some of the on-line resources are listed in the blogroll on this site.   

I encourage you to first access an article regarding scripture study that I believe will help us all work from a common vantage point in our study and discussion.  You may find it “heavy” but I believe it’s worth your time if you’re a serious student of the scriptures.  Click Here for Article

I enjoy creating my lesson notes here for many reasons. First, it’s an easy way to organize and store my notes. Second, I feel as if I’m addressing a class when posting my notes and this makes for a more dynamic set of notes–almost interactive. Third, these posts help me “think” the scriptures in a way that I might not otherwise achieve simply through private reading and pondering.

Please share your comments and suggestions with me on how this site might be improved to better serve its purpose.  DISCLAIMER:  I am the antithesis of a computer wiz and champion speller (& there’s no spell-check available for this blog!)– which you’ll quickly discover if you haven’t already.  Your tolerance is greatly appreciated!

It is my sincere hope that this blog will nourish our spirits, friendships and most importantly, our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His divine mission.   नमस्ते Namasta.