Ponder Eternity, Eternally

Collectively Considering with Scripture as our Rubric

# 1 The Keystone of Our Religion January 5, 2008

January 6, 2008

In this lesson we discussed various techniques of studying the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon. Not a lot of ideas were offered, especially anything fresh–at least from my perspective. I had to wonder if anyone really gave their scripture study deep consideration.

We also discussed the title page of the Book of Mormon, the possible authors and the way in which it was presented to the press–all one paragraph without any punctuation or capitalization and that the type setter was the one who made the call on how it was printed, vs. the/a prophet. We discussed the two changes made to the introduction since 2004.

I had intended to follow with an in-depth scripture chain and discussion of witnesses but ran out of time. Nothing very in-depth can be accomplished in 30+ minutes!

Anywho, I hope that what was said motivated students to take their own scripture study seriously, not relying on teachers or classes for their spiritual nourishment.

This post is especially short and shallow due to my daughter’s medical testing that has consumed me and my family this past week. I hope that we have diagnosis and direction given to us during this coming week. Thank you for your patience and prayers.

Warmly, Nanette


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