Ponder Eternity, Eternally

Collectively Considering with Scripture as our Rubric

# 3 The Vision of the Tree of Life January 5, 2008

January 20, 2008

1 Nephi 8-11; 12:16-18; 15

Today’s lesson focused on HOW we come to understand God, whether through scripture, prophets or personal revelation.

The definitions for the symbols of Lehi’s dream are given in the Class Member Study Guide (pg. 3), so we didn’t spend any time here, except to repeat the definition of tree and fruit, for those in the classroom who weren’t familiar with these symbols. I also pointed out that these symbols are multi-dimensional, having various applications. Be sure to study these symbols on your own and be comfortable with them before proceeding with deep study of the vision.

We began with 1 Ne. 14:18-26 and then skipped over to John’s vision in Revelation 1:1-3. What are the similarities between these visions? What are the differences? Why was Nephi forbidden to write what John wrote, yet was able to see it? Next we read 1 Ne. 27-30 and discussed, including the formulaic colophon nature of the closing remarks. How do we share our testimonies with others? Do we use formulas? If so, are these formulas effective or uneffective? Why does Nephi repeatedly state his name the way he does?

What is the nature of Lehi’s vision? Why did God communicate this way rather than in a more straight forward manner?

In attempting to better understand how we can access the mind and will of God, we read 1 Ne. 15:8-11; 1 Ne. 10:17-19; 1 Ne. 11:1. We discussed the steps and keys outlined in these verses.

While driving on I95 in Las Vegas I happened to see an electronic billboard which read
“I want to live: _____________.”
Different endings to the sentence were filling in the blank. While driving, the billboard read “…like my cat,” “…quietly,” “…on the couch.”

I wrote the first half of the sentence on the chalkboard & asked the class to fill in the blank in their own mind. How would Laman, Lemuel, Lehi, Nephi, etc. fill in the blank?

With this preface, we turned to 1 Ne. 8:21-33 and read the 4 categories of people in Lehi’s dream, clarifying their specific qualities and rewards/punishments. I asked how each category of people might fill in the blank. This discussion lasted quite long enough that we were late getting out of Sunday School. How would YOU fill in the blank?


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