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Downton Party April 3, 2014

food 1

This was the spread when the guests arrived. I had new-found appreciation for Daisy and Mrs. Pattmore! I could have used some downstairs staff in the preparation and servin

Watching Downton Abby has been delightful and in anticipation of the new season I wanted to throw a party to celebrate.  Here’s my spin on Downton.  It was a lot of fun…and a lot of work!  So glad we did it & looking forward to next season’s!


food 2
food 3 food 4

Gina and Lynn Wilson

Gina & Lynn came dressed for the occasion. We particularly loved Gina’s head gear–a belt turned into a hat!

Gina and Nanette 2

Gina & Nanette in our Downton dress. Gina got her wonderful two-piece flapper dress at DI!

Gina and Nanette

Girls in costume

Here are the 4 women who came dressed in ‘Edwardian’ garb. Gina, Heidi, Nanette & Gina.

Girls serious

We’re all aiming at ‘stoic Mary’ in this shot.

Paul Nanette and Christina

The host family

whole group

The whole gang!


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