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What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life? May 15, 2007

Filed under: Archives,GD Lessons — Nanette @ 8:26 pm

Wouldn’t you love a to-do list that outlined the answer to this question? Then we could simply do each thing, systematically checking them off as we went. Ta da! Done! We’d be assured of “eternal life” and on to our next pursuit! Maybe this could be like the Young Womens’ program where we have a booklet that has 7 areas of focus and we have a couple required goals and then a few optional goals. Why isn’t our pursuit of eternal life like this? Why isn’t it cut & dry? Or is it? I’m intrigued by the statement Jesus made to both Martha & the Young Rich Man: Jesus told Martha, “one thing is needful.” [Luke 10: 42] He told the rich young man “One thing thou lackest.” [Mark 10:21]


If I could whittle it down to JUST ONE thing, I might have a chance. But for the time being, I’ll keep reading my scriptures, saying my prayers, attending church, paying tithing, …. the list is endless. 🙂 So, what is that ONE thing?


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