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Easter Worship March 18, 2007

Filed under: Archives — Nanette @ 9:36 pm

I’d like to experience a meaningful Easter this year. 
It’s just a month away.  My plans include borrowing some traditions from other faiths that seem to commemorate the holiday in a deeper way than the traditions I was raised with.  First, I planned to recognize Lent & Ash Wednesday, but by the time I came to that decision they had passed.  I suppose this project will require a year’s preparation. 

But, in following through with my resolve, I’ve decided to

  1. Commemorate Palm Sunday with a re-enactment with my family, complete with palm fronds. 
  2. Next, I’ve checked into attending a Jewish Passover Seder.  I’ve decided to attend the Lev HaShem Messianic Jewish Synagogue’s Pesach on April 3rd.  I’m really excited about this, except for the fact that my husband is committed to meetings that night so I’ll be going solo, unless a friend decides to join me.   You’re invited, by the way.  Call me if you’d like to go along.
  3. Next, I intend to share my discoveries with my friends & family by hosting a Seder of my own the following night, Wednesday, April 4th.    Let me know if you’d like to attend.
  4. Third, I am going to find a Greek Orthodox congregation to attend and hear their traditional music.
  5. On Easter Sunday I’m going to get up extra early and attend a sunrise service somewhere before my own 9 a.m. services.
  6. I am going to study and prepare for the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School lesson I’ll present like I’ve never prepared before!  I’m sure I’ll learn a lot, even if no one else does! 🙂

As you can tell, this is an evolutionary Easter.  I’m really not sure what to expect.  I simply know that the Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny, Easter dresses and an Easter Meal along with my regular church services have left me wanting, so I’m venturing outside my comfort zone to find fulfillment.


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